This a set of general rules and guiding principles that we beleive in and expect all of our users to follow.

This Code of Conduct applies to the entirety of the domain and the users of any, all services, and the behavior of the individual on other services and offline.

Please note that this page is not exhaustive, and administration reserves the right to talk appropriate action for any reason, at any time.

No narcs, no boot-lickers, no bigots

If you are associated with any of the following, you are not welcome here:

  • Facism, Neo-facism (Nazi / White supremacy / White nationalism / Neo-nazi / Alt-right / Alt-light / Identitarian / Male supremacy / Manosphere)
  • Reactionary (GamerGate / Anti-feminism / Neo-reactionary)
  • Neo-fuedalism (‘Anarcho’-capitalism / ‘Objectivism’ / Right-wing Libertarians)
  • TERF, SWERF or otherwise anti-trans or anti-sex worker
  • Truscum, Transmed, identity policing
  • Religious fundamentalists
  • Militarism, Chauvinism, Ethno-nationalism, Xenophobia or similar.
  • Stalinism, Maoism or similar
  • Capitalists, capitalism apologists
  • Representatives or advertisers for companies or coorporations
  • Police, Police apologists, Immigration Enforcement, Intelligence/spy organizations

Don’t Be An Asshole

This section covers the behaviors that we do not tolerate:

Hate speech

Hate speech results in an immediate ban. This includes any media demean, dehumanise, malign or otherwise hurt a person or a group of people based on certain characteristics or group status, including but not limited too:

  • Race
  • Sexuality
  • Gender Identity (this includes non-binary, trans, any other identity)
  • Age
  • Body size/weight/type
  • Disability
  • Religion
  • Sex work
  • Kinks or fetishes
  • Plurality
  • Therianism / otherkin
  • Poverty

Critism of things like religion is okay, but only in good faith, and when it is not used as a shield for other forms of bigotry.

Marginalised communities (like PoC or women) being fed up with systemic problems and complaining about certain groups’ lack of understanding or action about certain issues (ie. white people, men) is not hate speech. If you’re not a part of the problem, you don’t need to see it as an attack. :)

Generally Unacceptable Beavior

  • Being disrespectful
  • Telling someone to commit suicide, even jokingly
  • Refused to CW content that should be CW, or refused moderator content to CW content.
  • Making sex jokes or flirting with someone when they haven’t said that is okay.

Harrassment and Threats

  • Repeatedly and intentionally sending media to someone designed to distress or insult them
  • Using posts, screenshots or out of context quotes to mock or make fun of someone else.
  • Submitting false reports against someone else.
  • Continuing to interact with someone after they have blocked you or otherwise told you to stop.
  • Threatening to harrass, threatening to dox, threatening to DDoS, or any other kind of threat.
  • Sexual harassment or acting in a sexually predatory way.

Sexual Content Involving Minors

Any of these will result in an immediate ban:

  • Do not flirt with someone under 18
  • Do not post illustrated imagery featuring sexualised depictions of people who appear to be underage. Even if there’s something saying they are over 18, they should reasonably look like they are over 18.
  • Do not post erotica involving minors.
  • Actual child porn is strictly forbidden